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CCT tuneable zoom profile light

Light source
1、Light source and its place of original : It is our own research parameter technology and ask to custom made  by leds factory ,warm white and cool white modules
2、LEDs light source quantity : 300W adopt 88 pcs LEDs module,  44 pcs warm white, 44 pcs cool white ,single pcs 8W. 200W adopt 88 pcs LEDs module, 44 pcs warm white, 44 pcs cool white ,single pcs 5W
3、LEDs life : 50000-100000 hours 

Products power 
1、Input voltage : AC100-240V/50-60Hz 
2、Most output power : 320W or 230W 
3、Power change : There is no power change when the light keep working or tuning CCT

Function specific and operation
1、Display screen : it is OLED screen , full Chinese and English operate,screen size 30×15mm
2、Display screen logo custom made : Display screen can custom made logo with single color 
3、Soft ware custom made : Software can be revised,custom made,renew , it can use our own research programmer machine to refresh software,even you use the lights for some days, use DMX connect to refresh 
4、Control model : DMX signal control or button key control, knob to control dim, CCT
5、Control Signal : DMX control, with RDM function 
6、DMX channel : 2 channels  
7、Dimming : 16 bit above smooth flicker-free dimming, dim not delay, dim freshen frequency 20k(20000Hz) above
8、CCT tuneable : there is smooth and no flicker when tuning CCT, 0.5% brightness still can tun CCT 
9、Zoom model : manual zoom 
10、Radiation : use custom made intelligently fan speed adjustable, the fan not move when dim less 20% 
11、Noisy : the fan not move when dim less 20%,no noisy at all . when the fan running at the biggest power 300W version noisy less than 28dB at 1 meter. 200W version noisy less than 20dB at 1 meter . also there is no fan version option 
12、Ambient temperature : -25℃ to 40℃
13、IP rate : IP20 

Light effects character and parameter 
1、CCT : 2700-6500k tunable by controller or knob manual tunable . when use knob adjust CCT  will show in the screen, 100K for one level 
2、CRI : average ≥95
3、TLCI : average ≥95
4、Luminous flux : 300W(2700K/8300 lm,6500K/9800 lm), 200W (2700K/6400 lm, 6500K/7600 lm)
5、Beam angle : 10-20°,15-30°,25-50° option
6、Optics system : light through 7 times optics assemble,it make the beam no yellow edge,no blue edge,no strange ,no dispersion ,mix color very even,no shadow

Products materials, light case surface treatment, accessories match 
1、Main construction materials : Main materials are aluminium alloy 
2、Light case surface treatment : Surface treatment is oxidize and spray, light case color can be custom made according to customer’s require
3、Standard accessories match : soft lens , power input/output plug, signal connector 1 pair .  can custom made match according to customer’s require
4、Iris and logo holder : There are iris and logo holder as extra accessories if customer need 
5、About battery : it can match portable battery 110-240V  from third party . can not match battery less than 100V 
Main difference between fan version and no fan version : No fan version only have 200W , their all data are same but  length different ,longer 6 cm ,more weight 1.1kg and price different