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CCT tuneable studio TV film panel light(B)

Light source
1、Light source and its place of original : It is our own research parameter technology and ask to custom made  by leds factory , item No. is 2835 warm white and cool white 
2、LEDs light source quantity : adopt 1920 pcs LEDs .  960 pcs warm white, 960 pcs cool white .
3、Every single pcs power : 0.6W , actually use power 0.2-0.35W , so that to keep optical high efficiency ,LEDs low temperature and long life
4、LEDs life : 50000-100000 hours 

Products power 
1、Input voltage : AC100-240V/50-60Hz 
2、Most output power : DD-SP3256A/310W,  DD-SP3256B/210W , DD-SP3256C/160W
3、Power change : There is no power change when the light keep working or tuning CCT 

Function specific and operation
1、Display screen : it is LCD screen , full Chinese and English operate,screen size 35×29mm
2、Display screen logo custom made : Display screen can custom made logo with single color 
3、Soft ware custom made : Software can be revised,custom made,renew , it can use our own research programmer machine to refresh software,even you use the lights for some days, use DMX connect to refresh 
4、Control model : DMX signal control or button key control ,knob to control dim, CCT
5、Control Signal : DMX control ,with RDM function 
6、DMX channel : 2 channels  
7、Dimming : 16 bit above smooth flicker-free dimming,dimming not delay,frequency 20k(20000Hz) above 
8、CCT tuneable : there is smooth and no flicker when tuning  CCT , 0.5% brightness still can tun CCT 
9、Radiation: 300W and 200W use custom made intelligently fan  and speed  adjustable  ,  the fan not move when dim less 50% . 150W version without fan 
10、Noisy : 300W and 200W the fan not move when dim less 50%,no noisy at all . when the fan running at the biggest power 300W noisy less than 25dB at 1 meter. 200W noisy less than 18dB in 1 meter, 150W version without fan no noisy at all 
11、Ambient temperature : -25℃ to 40℃
12、IP rate : IP20 

Light effects character and parameter 
1、CCT : 3200-5600k tuneable by controller or knob manual tuneable . when use knob adjust CCT  will show in the screen, 100K for one level 
2、CRI : average ≥95
3、TLCI : average ≥95
4、Luminous flux : DD-SP3256A/300W(5600K/ 25600 lm、3200K/ 22900 lm)
      DD-SP3256B/200W(5600K/ 19200 lm、3200K/ 17400 lm)
      DD-SP3256C/150W(5600K/ 14900 lm、3200K/ 12500 lm)
5、Light-emitting area : 420X260mm
6、Beam angle : 105° (the angle in 50% lux of centre ) 

Products materials, light case surface treatment ,accessories match 
1、Main construction materials : Main materials are aluminium alloy 
2、Light case surface treatment : Surface treatment is oxidize and spray ,light case color can be custom made according to customer’s require
3、Standard accessories match : barndoor, power input/output plug, signal connector 1 pair .  can custom made match according to customer’s require
4、Soft lens use : front lens changeable 
5、Barndoor use : barndoor moveable
6、Grate use : The grate install and removable , can custom made different grate 
7、About battery : it can match portable battery 110-240V  from third party . can not match battery less than 110V

Product  size and weight 
1、Inner size : with barndoor  56X14.6X36cm,without barndoor 56X11.5X34.5cm
2、Packing size : 62X23.5X42cm
3、Net weight : 9.2kg (light 7.5kg, barndoor 1.7kg )
4、Gross weight : 10.5kg